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Settings Page crashing VS 2013


I've been using Remarker for a while with my VS 2013 but weeks ago it started crashing my VS whenever I tried to edit a very important Solution. It depends on the file opened. Nothing is registered in the Remarker logs, even with Trace and Debug activated.

Windows Application Log has (it is in portuguese but modules names and other 'international' information should suffice):

Nome do aplicativo com falha: devenv.exe, versão: 12.0.40629.0, carimbo de data/hora: 0x5590c8a4
Nome do módulo com falha: KERNELBASE.dll, versão: 10.0.10586.162, carimbo de data/hora: 0x56cd55ab
Código de exceção: 0xe0434352
Deslocamento da falha: 0x000bdad8
ID do processo com falha: 0x1fa4
Hora de início do aplicativo com falha: 0x01d1a97b9098bf65
Caminho do aplicativo com falha: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe
Caminho do módulo com falha: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll
ID do Relatório: bdc2f219-8318-4a92-9ff9-b6df4defa260
Nome completo do pacote com falha:
ID do aplicativo relativo ao pacote com falha:

In VS, should I try to open the Settings tab of Remarker, it will crash with the same message in the same module.

I tried to run the GraphicFontTest.exe but it said there was issue with the fonts.

Running VS 2013 update 5 under Windows 10 with Remarker 1.3.

Thank in advance.