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Modifiers and Emphathizers

You can use one of several modifiers and emphasis symbols to modify the way your comments look. Only one modifier may be used on a comment line, and only one kind of emphasis may be used. The modifiers are these characters:
  • ! - Used as a flag for an important comment.
  • ? - Used to highlight a question.
  • x - Used to indicate text that has the strikeout style.

Emphasis for our purposes refers to the size of comment text. Including the normal comment size there are seven levels of emphasis. The symbols used to set emphasis are these:
  • +++ Produces the largest text by default.
  • ++ By default produces text that is larger than all but the preceding.
  • + Produces text that is larger than normal but smaller than the two preceding levels (by default).
  • - Produces text that is smaller than normal (by default).
  • -- Produces the smallest text except for the level mentioned next (by default).
  • --- Produces the smallest text of all (by default).
Normal text is produced when none of the preceding emphasis symbols are used at the beginning of a line.

You can use the "!" or "?" symbols with emphasis symbols on a comment line. For example placing a "!" and "+++" at the beginning of a comment will change the color of the font to red (by default) and re-size the text using the sizing factor assigned to "+++". There should be no spaces between any of these characters, but there may be spaces before the first character, and there must be at least one space between the last "+" and the start of the comment. The "!" or "?" (if present) must come before emphasis characters (if present). Incidentally the strikeout symbol, "x," may not be used with emphasis symbols.

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