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Logging Options

On the Remarker/Logging Options page you can control what and how much data is logged, and get access to the log files.


There are two different logs and each are saved in its own directory, if it is enabled. The main Remarker Logging is enabled by default and saves the first four levels of data: Fatal, Error, Warning, and Info. The second log is internal logging for the logging system itself. By default it is disabled. The selected levels for logging apply to both logs, when both are enabled.

The levels and their utilization are as follows:
  • Trace is the most detailed category. Typically it contains information about parameters and variables that are used within methods.
  • Debug is the second most detailed category, and generally includes program flow information, for example method entry and branching events.
  • Info has a smaller footprint than either of the first two, and might be the first one would want to have turned on all the time. It contains more general information that may be of use to someone interested in the health of the extension.
  • Warn includes information about situations that might be of some concern, but not necessarily erroneous behavior.
  • Error logs exceptions and errors that have an impact on the performance of the plugin, but that do not keep the plugin from working.
  • Fatal logs exceptions which are not handled by extension, and probably means that the plugin or some important component of the plugin is non-functional. It should have the smallest footprint of all levels.
At the bottom of the window are two buttons that show where the log files are stored (if they are enabled, and have saved some information). Clicking on a button when it is enabled will open an Explorer window on the associated directory where the user can access the logs.

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